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Another Old Scam Spotted By Computer Solutions

It has come to our attention that there is a particularly nasty computer scam currently in operation, which seems to originate from the East London area. We thought that we should pass this information on to you. Most computer retailers no longer supply an XP, Vista or Windows 7 CD or DVD. Most computer Retailers supply the Operating System pre-installed, when you bought your machine.

A company with a name sounding sounding like Microsoft or possibly Microsys or similar is telephoning people and claiming that their computers are infected and that they need access to the computer in order to clean it up. They then go on to say that they will continue to keep your machine clean for an annual fee.

They instruct you to download their software which then gives them access to your machine and your personal files. This scam usually uses a "hacked" variation of the Citrix shadowing client, legitimately used by many businesses.

Earlier this month one of our customers was almost caught out by this and called Computer Solutions to make sure.

They were able to prove that the customer's computer had in fact been compromised by this scam.

They carried out a full professional computer system cleanup, giving the customer total peace of mind.

Clearly the scammers are becoming more brazen by the minute but lets get one thing straight. Microsoft or any company with a similar sounding name, wll not usually telephone anybody to tell them that their computer might be infected.

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