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Benefits Of A Custom Built Computer System
With Computer Solutions


When you visit a large chain store, that sells computer equipment, you could be forgiven for thinking you have a choice of which computer you decide to purchase. It is true there are a lot of systems on display that are unbeatably priced. Most of which have tempting offers to get you to buy from them.

However closer examination will quickly prove that all these computer systems are usually built to the same basic format, usually with cheaper components. This is done deliberately in order to bring the product in at the price point that the superstores demand.

Most of the computers on display will have been sitting around in a warehouse for about six months. With the speed that the computer industry changes, some may be well out of date by the time they hit the shelves. Some may see this as an important factor when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

Once you realize that there are no actual "computer manufacturers" as such and all the brands are similar components in similar cases then the purchasing decision can be somewhat easier.

The other problem with a chainstore purchase is that they try and fit you into one of their pre-defined groups of users. they will tell you such things as Windows 7 is no longer available, yet your small independent company will have no problem getting it.

As recently happened to a customer of ours he did not want Windows 8, he had previously bought Windows 7 and asked the shop to install it for him. However the shop were not even aware that this could not be done with his particular version. We had no problem supplying him with a brand new ASUS Windows 7 laptop, with which he is very happy.

An independent company such as Computer Solutions can advise on and supply many of the different configurations of computer components. We had a customer recently who specializes in close-up time lapse photography. None of the video cards he had seen came anywhere near his expectations. Previously he had had a system built and was very pleased but like anything it was time for it to be replaced. We were able to help in this respect.

For example the quality of display from a good, but not necessarily expensive PCIe video card, on a reasonable DVI digital monitor, really does put the VGA analogue standard to shame. In some cases we've also found that the HDMI output is actually WORSE than the DVI output. Don't expect a chainstore to give you this information though.

Of course there are rogue system builders like there are rogues in every profession. Generally though because a small independent computer company depends on your custom for their livliehood, many will go out of their way to help, even if that means spending considerable time to make sure you, the customer are completely satisfied.


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