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Beware of the UKASH Virus !

The UKASH Virus

This week Computer Solutions thought that we'd make you aware of a computer virus infection which seems to be on the increase once again.

In the past ten days Computer Solutions have received several telephone calls about this particularly nasty computer infection. Most antivirus software does not pick it up because technically it IS NOT a virus as such. It could be described more accurately as "Ransomeware" The past fortnight has seen us repair two machines wit this infection

However the infection is nasty because it seems to attach itself to innocent websites. Once your computer is infected, the virus seems to know that you are trying to remove it and it simply reinstalls itself. It's processes embed themselves in the computer's registry and this makes it particularly difficult to remove, unless the registry is fixed first.

What The UKASH Infection And Its Variants Do.

This virus will lock your computer and display a message supposedly from a Police force indicating that you need to pay a £100 fine in order to get your computer unlocked. Indeed we have had reports from customers who have been taken in by this and in their frustration have telephoned the Police, only to be told that it is nothing to do with them.

A UKASH Variant Lock Screen

It would appear that this virus infects both XP and Vista based laptops and desktops. It also on occasion damages wireless connection files. The drivers required for correct installation of such devices then have to be reinstalled once the virus has been removed.

We have not had any reports of the virus attacking a Windows 7 based machine as yet, but no doubt it won't be too long before we do !

Computer Solutions have found a way remove this computer infection. In fact we have a customer visiting this evening 16th Aug '12 with just this problem.


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