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Buying A Refurbished Computer. Advice From Kenilworth Computer Repairs


We came across another customer the other day who had obviously not read our previous article about second-hand computers being sold by individuals on eBay.

We must stress at this point that this DOES NOT relate to legitimate Microsoft Refurbishers, who may also sell via the eBay platform. Computer Solutions are in the process of obtaining Microsoft Approved Refurbisher approval. We will report further on this once we are accepted.

The lady concerned, a pensioner who was on a budget had purchased what looked like in her opinion, a reasonable desktop computer.The computer was delivered and Computer Solutions were asked to have a look at it.

First impressions were not particularly encouraging. The system looked extremely old and not very well kept. The insides were dirty, many fastenings were missing. The system also only appeared to have 256Mb memory, although it did have two old IDE type hard drives. The system was supplied with an XP Home licence, support for which ends on April 8th 2014.

Powering the machine up produced some interesting results in that the machine did not successfully boot to a desktop at all. During the boot process the machine would shutdown of its own accord for no apparent reason. This could be due to a number of reasons from power supply, motherboard or even the hard disk itself.

At first the eBay seller was not interested in providing a refund for the faulty goods supplied. They wanted to do an online test with the system. This would be interesting to see since Windows cannot be started at all !

Eventually and after several heated emails the seller has agreed to take the machine back and refund the purchasers money.

Now Microsoft have an official computer refurbisher programme, which Computer Solutions will be participating in shortly. if you are buying second-hand I.T equipment it is worth looking for the official 'Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher' logo.

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

The second thing to look out for is the way the Microsoft licencing works for refurbished machines. All refurbished machines will carry two Windows licence stickers. the first will have been issued when the machine was new. The second will have been issued after the machine had gone through the refurbishment process.

This licence will be of a different colour to the original, denoting that it is indeed a properly refurbished machine. Both licences must be attached to the machine in order for it to qualify as a genuine refurbished machine.

Microsoft Refurbished PC Licence

There are several members of the Microsoft Refurbishber Programme who do trade very successfully on eBay. One these which we have dealt with in the past and received very good service from is a company called "RefurbThat" who can be contacted here.

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