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It's Official !!!

Computer Solutions Are Now An Officially Registered Microsoft PC Refurbisher


Microsoft Registered Refurbisher


After what seems like ages, Computer Solutions are proud to announce that we have recently had our application accepted by Microsoft to become an officially registered PC refurbisher.

The Microsoft Refurbisher Programme means that we can take in that old XP laptop, fit any new parts required and install the latest Microsoft Windows Operating System. In practice this means that you get a repaired laptop or tower system at a knockdown price with the latest software already installed.

The price will depend on the condition of the machine when we received it and what replacement parts were fitted to make it servicable.

For some this might represent a useful saving over a new laptop or tower. This service might be useful for students, charities or non-profit organisations. It might also suit the individual who is looking for a useful standby or backup computer.

We'll be keeping a keen eye out for any machines which could have a new lease of life and be used by a charity or other good cause. Donations are of course always gratefully accepted !

Do by all means get in touch if you have anything that you think we could possibly use.


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