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Correct Use Of A Backup Drive
With Kenilworth Computer Repairs


With the plethora of backup drives now available, in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, it seems that little thought is given on how to actually use these device. With that in mind Kenilworth Computer Repairs thought they would provide a small tutorial on how to use these devices correctly.

Your computer has one or sometimes more internal hard disk drives. These are usually referred to by a letter. The main drive will usually be called "C:\".
In Windows this main hard drive is usually also be called a "Local Disk".

My Computer Showing Main Drive

All of your programs and application software will usually be installed on the main hard drive. This will almost certainly include Microsoft Office or Works, supplied with many computers. By default when you create a new document and then save it, the document is normally saved in the "My Documents" portion of the main hard drive "C:/"

When you plug in your brand new backup drive, you are in fact adding an additional drive to the system.

My Computer Showing a Backup Drive

As shown above plugging in a basic USB external drive results in another local disk being displayed with its own drive letter. In this case the drive is called "I:/".

Some backup drives have their own software onboard to make backing up and copying files easier and maintaining BOTH copies. The picture above is just a representation and might not appear the same in all cases.

However we are hearing more and more of people who are ONLY saving documents to their backup drive WITHOUT also saving the file(s) to their main hard drive, They then mistakenly believe that they have "Backed Up" their files.

Unfortunately that is not the case since the file will ONLY exist on the backup drive and not on the computer system's main hard drive. It is only when the external drive eventually fails as all mechanical drives do, that this horror is discovered.

Kenilworth Computer Repairs would strongly advise that two copies of important documents are kept. One copy should always be maintained on the system's main drive and another on the portable USB backup drive. In the unlucky even of one drive failing, you then have a usable copy that can be used on perhaps another machine such as a laptop. It is unlikely that both drives will fail at once


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