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Data Recovery Services From Computer Solutions

Computer Solutions can provide economical hard disk data recovery and retrieval services. Essentially we offer two types of data recovery service.

Our basic service uses our own "in-house" hard drive data retrieval software suite. This would be suitable for an ageing hard drive where a user has perhaps lost some precious music or photo files. This might have happened by accidental erasure or formatting but where the drive can still be read or has relatively few surface errors. In most cases the recovered files will be returned on DVD or CD.

Our professional service involves us using one of the UK's largest clean room facilities. We collect the drive from your home or office and book it into the facility on your behalf. Your drive is dismantled and the magnetic platters fitted to a "donor drive" The equipment is then calibrated geometrically to read your drive correctly.

You will then be contracted directly by our agents to discuss which files you would like recovered. These files will then be returned directly to you on DVD or CD. In serious cases like these the drive is never returned but disposed of in a secure fashion.

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