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Doodle Ads from Computer Solutions

"The next BIG thing in website marketing"

Do you like doodling ? If you do then you'll love "Doodle Ads" What are Doodle Ads ? Well simply put they are rapidly drawn cartoon style videos which are aimed to get your message across in a bright, new, amusing and innovative way.

Computer Solutions like the concept of Doodle Advertising so much that we contacted the company behind them to see if they were looking for any partners.

Our luck was in they have five partner spaces available, so we have nabbed one and can now bring the Doodle Adertising service to you as part of our web design service.

Whether you are a Plumber, Bookmaker, Builder or Butcher Computer Solutions can arrange for your message to be converted into an eye catching cartoon video that will keep the viewer entertained, whilst at the same time conveying your message.

Doodle Ads will make sure that your website is stickier than ever. This means that your website will hold the audiences interest for longer. Potenital customers will keep coming back.

Contact Computer Solutions today on (01926) 511123 or email us your requirements. See what Doodle Ads can do for your business !


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