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LCD & LED Replacement Laptop, Notebook and Netbook Screens


Generally speaking Laptop and notebook screens come in two varities, which are LED and LCD. Almost all screens are available in a variety of size formats and there will only be one specific to your machine. The most common laptop screen size is 15.6" when measured diagonally.

All LCD and LED panels have a backlight which is used to light the display, however there are two very different types of backlight, LED (Light Emitting Diode) and CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light).

CCFL LCD panels will usually have two connectors, one for the image data and a pair of wires for the light itself, usually pink and white. This type are driven from an inverter in the laptop to provide the high voltage for the lamp. Computer Solutions can supply replacement inverters for many laptops

LED backlit panels usually only have one connector as their backlight only requires low voltage. Only one specific type of screen will fit a particular laptop, notebook or netbook, Call us for a quotation.

Computer Solutions can replace all types of screen for most laptops. Some newer laptops are starting to use the slimmer screens and there is a premium price on this particular variety. Samsung laptops are a good example of this.

Why not give the friendly teams at Computer Solutions a call to discuss your requirements today.

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