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Replacement Laptop Adapters From
Computer Solutions

It seems that Laptop Adapters do tend to suffer quite a bit of punishment these days. If they have not overheated and failed from being left on whilst in use, then the power cables have become worn and frayed. This can lead to the battery not charging, shorting, a faulty connection or worse still a possible fire hazard.

When the laptop battery becomes worn, many people choose to use their laptop with it permanently connected to the mains, rather than purchasing a new battery.

This does two things, Firstly it heats the laptop battery, which in effect "cooks it". Lithium batteries do not like being cooked and have to be both charged and handled in a totally different way to conventional rechargable batteries.

Secondly, using the laptop in this way causes the power unit to try and deliver more charging power than it can safely do so. This will eventually cause the power unit to fail through overheating, if the battery is in poor condition.

Computer Solutions can now supply laptop power adapters for most of the popular makes of laptop including HP, Dell and Acer.

All laptop adapters are usually available at 24 hours notice and both compatible and original units are available. The compatible units look and work exactly the same as the original units, but are a considerably less expensive option.

Contact us now with your laptop make and model for an up to date price and remember if you are in the Warwickshire area then delivery is free !

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