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Looking After Your Laptop.

Laptop Keyboard Spillages

It's common these days for drinks to be spilled over laptop keyboards. With the quantity of different makes and models, where do you go if you need your laptop keyboard replacing ?

There are those who would advocate this as being a reason for the purchase of a new laptop. However in recent years the price of replacement genuine keyboards has dropped dramatically to the point where it is now possible for Computer Solutions to carry out a superb repair for a fraction of the cost of buying a new laptop.

Computer Solutions being completely independent can supply and fit almost any make of laptop keyboard. Simply quote us the make and model and if it exists we'll find it with the correct keyboard layout and colour.

Laptop Screens.

Laptop screens also tend to take a bit of a hammering with everyday wear and tear. Over time laptop screens do become scratched or worse still broken. Computer Solutions can source and replace all types of screen to most laptops including Apple laptop products at far less than the normal high street price.

Laptop Power Adapters.

The other laptop component that appears to fail regularly is the laptop power adapter itself. This is because regardless of the battery condition, users tend to keep them plugged into the mains electrical outlet, whilst the laptop is in use.

Doing this will actually degrade the battery over time, since the power drawn whilst using the laptop is usually greater than the power used to charge the battery correctly. Lithium Ion batteries don't really like being 'cooked' in this way and will eventually fail, leading to a battery lasting only ten minutes or so.

Computer Solutions can usually repair most popular makes of laptop. These include Acer, Fujitsu, HP, Toshiba, Sony and Dell Inspiron laptop repairs.

Computer Solutions can supply both compatible and original replacement laptop adapters for most laptops and if you are in the Kenilworth area we will also deliver it totally free of charge.

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