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Rogue Computer Repair Companies

Last night BBC Watchdog broadcast a report within it's Rogue Traders segment. This was about a company based in Birmingham that used several ficticious names to gain a presence in all areas of the country. Further the featured company also thought that it was perfectly OK for their directors to have ficticious names too and also to charge whatever they liked for a computer repair.

This company used "field engineers" throughout the UK to in essence work for them on a minimum wage basis. This is not the only company that appears to work in this way. We know of several others too !

With Computer Solutions and their Rapid Response Service you will always know exactly who you are delaing with, where they are and you'll always have a general indication of the price before they taske on any PC repair.

We do have one or two issues with the report, notably the "Forensic I.T Expert" appeared to be doctoring a P.C that used an IDE type of hard drive. These are now obselete and have not been easily available for some time.

Most computers up to about five years of age are more likely to have SATA hard drives installed. These do not need to have a jumper connected since yuou can ONLY connect ONE SATA hard drive to ONE SATA port.

Although the experiment was conducted well the technology used to conduct the experiment was vastly out of date and not relevant.

It was also suggested that a "hard drive could be picked up for under £30.00". This is only likely to be true for the SATA variety, IDE hard drives are going to be vastly more expensive because smaller numbers are being manufactured and they have been superceeded.

The report does make interesting watching though and will be broadcast again on the 17th October 2012 at 01:30.


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