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Rogue Computer Support Telephone Calls !


Computer Solutions

You remember a couple of months back we reported on people receiving telephone calls, apparently from Microsoft.

Well it looks like these people just will not give up. In the space of two days we have had two such phone calls, claiming that there is something wrong with our computers and that a "malicious file had been uploaded."

It looks like these criminals are taking advantage of people who have either no Antivirus or those who have not renewed their Antivirus. Remember Computer Solutions recommend AVG Antivirus and are licenced resellers for all of their producs including the server varities. Do not rely on the FREE Antivirus products as they will not give you full protection.

In this particular case, the caller who could not really speak English very well and whom we assume was not exactly local, did not even pretend to be Microsoft.

The caller informed us almost as if he knew that there was something wrong with out systems. Think about it for a moment. How would an unknown person know anything about our computer systems.

Needless to say we let them rabbit on for a few moments before terminating the call.

Computer Solution's advice is please do not be fooled by anyone telephoning you with a similar story. There is absolutely no reason why anyone ever would contact you in this fashion. Also if this should happen to you, do NOT ever give out any credit card details to the caller either as you could end up with an unintended problem.

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