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'Silver-Surfer' Beats Computer Scammers At Their Own Game!


Computer Solutions have just heard of a story from a very savvy 'Silver Surfer' from Warwickshire, concerning those scammers who ring up pretending to be Microsoft and offering a protection service for your PC or laptop.

This particular individual was telephoned by a gentleman and was informed that his computer was running slowly over the broadband connection. In fact this individual has been telephoned on three occasions. He checked with Computer Solutions to see if they were legitimate.

Our Silver Surfer, Mr. W, was instructed to type in a web address and enter various key combinations on his Computer Keyboard.

Now Mr. W has been in this position before and decided to 'play along' with the voice on the telephone. He 'pretended' to do as he was instructed, whilst not actually doing anything at all.

The voice on the end of the phone was becoming more and more confused as to why his instructions did not appear to be working in the way he had carefully rehearsed.

Mr. W, thought that he might know the answer to the problem and informed the gentleman that the reason his instructions were not working were because "he did not have a computer"

At this point the phone line went dead. The moral of this tale is that Microsoft nor any other Reputable Computer Company will EVER ring anyone to tell them their PC or Laptop is Running Slowly, and that it can be repaired by visiting a particular website.

Younger people are probably quite wise to this sort of scam, however older members of the community might not be so please do not be fooled. If you receive a phone call of this nature, tell them that you do not have a computer. It worked for Mr W.

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