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The Future Is The Mobile Website

Today Computer Solutions would like to talk about where website design is going. In recent years there has been a rise in the number of Smartphones and Tablets sold in the UK, with sales of traditional desktop and laptop computers declining as a result.

Where is this all leading to ? It's true that these days people are working harder and longer to get their message across to you the public, who are of course potential consumers. It is also true that when a potential customer is looking for a product or service they want that information straight away and they want to act of that information NOW !

If a potential customer has to spend ages either waiting for your normal website to load on their Smartphone or has to work out how to use it once it has loaded then that is a potential customer lost. They will simply go elsewhere. The adage here is that 'less is quite often more'.

Big business has already seen the potential of the mobile website. Most high street names now have a well designed mobile user website experience. The main difference between a normal desktop website and a mobile website is that the mobile website is a very highly streamlined version of their main desktop website. It has all the relevant information that a consumer could want at their fingertips.

There are a few cheap website conversion packages, that will take a normal desktop website and convert it to display correctly on a Smartphone. We've looked at many of them and nearly all of them fall way short of what we would expect.

All of these 'conversions' suffer from a very poor user experience. They are generally badly thought out with a poor layout. The results are often not very good, they are confusing, cluttered and generally off-putting for a potential customer to use.

Smart Web Apps - Mobile Websites

Computer Solutions have teamed up with Smart Web Apps of Coventry to bring you an Innovative Mobile Website Solution. A Mobile Website should be clean, intuitive, fun to use with just the information a potential consumer would want in an instant. A Mobile Website should also have some degree of user interraction. In other words the Mobile Website should actually "DO" something.

This is exactly what Smart Web Apps specialise in. In the last 18 months alone they have secured several major clients in the Property, Legal and Accounting sectors.

Call Paul now at Smart Web Apps on 0844 496 2847 to discuss your Mobile Website requirements further.

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