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The Importance Of Regular Backups

Today Computer Solutions were given what turned out to be a bit of a challenge.Mr Frank Wingles from Crack Attack, the windscreen repair specialists, based in Leamington Spa, telephoned to say that he had lost data on his hard drive. We visited and found that as well as there being no effective backup strategy, the hard drive being used was somewhat elderly and in a rather poor condition.

The hard drive although recognised by Windows was being reported as unformatted and therefore Windows could not access it in the normal way. We brought the hard drive back to the workshop and found using our specialist tools found that data was present, but was not contained in the normal Windows partition area. This meant that in effect the data was in RAW format and was unusable by Windows.

After several hours Computer Solutions managed to recover data vital to the running of the business including Sage data, several Excel spreadsheets as well as many Outlook Express email folders.

Normally a hard drive with this degree of damage would have to be sent away to a specialist lab, often costing upwards of £600.00. In this instance however we were able to repair the data at a much lesser cost.

This article highlights the importance of having a regular backup procedure, whether using an external hard drive or one of the plethora of inexpensive backup services that are now available.

Don't get caught out losing your valuable data, photographs and memories. Contact the Computer Solutions data retrieval team - Frank did !!!

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