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Benefits Of A Custom Built Computer System
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When you visit a large chain store, that sells computer equipment, you could be forgiven for thinking you have a choice of which computer you decide to purchase. It is true there are a lot of systems on display that are unbeatably priced. Most of which have tempting offers to get you to buy from them.

However closer examination will quickly prove that all these computer systems are usually built to the same basic format, usually with cheaper components. This is done deliberately in order to bring the product in at the price point that the superstores demand.

Most of the computers on display will have been sitting around in a warehouse for about six months. With the speed that the computer industry changes, some may be well out of date by the time they hit the shelves. Some may see this as an important factor when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

nbeatabyou aware of a small but significant change to the way Microsoft license their software. In the past all their software came with what is called a "COA" label or "Certificate Of Authenticity" label affixed to the bottom of the machine.

On a laptop this can usually be found under the battery pack. On a desktop it will usually be fixed on the case somewhere. It looks something like like this, although the colours may vary.

Windows 7 COA Sticker

However with Windows 8 the rules of the game have changed as Microsoft were getting rather upset about their software being installed several times with the same licence. i.e stealing it !

If you visit a shop and buy a pre-installed Windows 8 machine you will NOT find any COA sticker at all. Keep looking we promise you that it is not there.

System builders like Computer Solutions don't get such a raw deal and the OEM software that we supply has full COA licences with every copy we sell providing that we sell it with the hardware.

What does this mean should your hard disk develop a fault ? What if for example you cannot access the recovery partition and therefore are unable to reset your machine to its original factory condition ?

Surely Microsoft don't expect everyone to rush out and buy a new machine the moment their hard drive fails do they ?

Basically since the majority of hard disk units fitted to laptops are still mechanical devices. This means that at some point in time they will fail. Now the question is how badly did the drive fail ? rather than can it be restored. A pre-installed machine can only be restored if the drive itself is healthy and the recovery partition is in good order.

Eventually of course we will all be using SSD drives with no moving parts but the price of these are too high for them to be included as standard on laptops. The price needs to fall a lot further yet. Perhaps in 3 or 4 years the situation may well be different.


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