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Windows 8 Repair

Anyone using Windows 8 on a standard pre-installed laptop, from any of the major retailers could not fail to have noticed that Microsoft have thoughtfully removed all of the F8 repair tools. This means you don'r have a "Safe Mode" or any of those options that you have grown used to seeing over the years. Presumably they believe that their Operating Systems are absolutely great, always work as intended and never actually go wrong. If this is Microsoft's intention then it is a very bold claim to make !

They could of course also mean that such in their confidence in their product that such tools are so 'yesterday' and just no longer required at all.

We would point out that this situation ONLY applies to pre-installed laptops. System builders like Computer Solutions get a better deal in that we can purchase OEM versions of Microsoft's Windows 8 Operating Systems, which fortunately does include a product key should re-installation ever be required.

As a case in point, we happened to be in a colleagues workshop last week, when a lady who had only recently purchased her new Windows 8 ASUS laptop, had brought it in for repair. The machine was barely a week old. After a lot of head scratching and swearing the decision was made to return the entire unit to ASUS for repair.

Allow us enlighten you as to why this was the case. It turns out that the backup and restore software provided by ASUS on all their new machines, requires the Windows platform in order to work. It is in essence then a Windows application. It is therefore completely useless if Windows fails for any reason.

So when for some reason Windows does not work, refuses to start or has some problem, what is the user supposed to do ? They won't be able to use the backup / restore / reset facility on their machine at all. Therefore even though the machine has a recovery partition, designed to reset the machine in the event of failure, it cannot be used because Windows has failed to start for some reason. The potential result of this is that everything on the machine could be lost.

Now if you purchased your laptop from a reputable dealer, you might wish to find out beforehand how the recovery partition works and whether it requires Windows or not. This might not seem that important but honestly you will be glad that you asked, should your system ever decide to misbehave. A good dealer should be able to give you this information.

Certain machines, HP, Dell & Acer at the time of writing have backup and restore software pre-installed on laptops DOES NOT require the use of Windows at all in order to work.

Sensibly they use a Linux (EFS) based partition rather than an NTFS based Windows partition for recovery, together with their own software application suite for backup / restore and reset purposes. So when Windows does stop working which it will at some point, there will be no problem in restoring the machine to how it was when you purchased it !!

To try and alleviate this problem to some degree Computer Solutions have managed with the help of Neosmart Technologies to get the Windows 8 Repair disks and they can be found on our site FREE here.


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