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Windows 8 Reviewed

Windows 8 is here and looking around the various forums it seems that there are very widely differing and very mixed feelings about it, depending on whether you are a corporate or domestic customer.

Some people are saying they absolutely love it and will go out of their way to recommend it, whilst others feel that Microsoft have in made a retrograde step. Only time and no doubt numerous updates will tell and decide who is right.

It seems that many corporate customers have only very recently upgraded from XP to Windows 7. This is a testament to just how good XP was. With more and more Operating Systems available, some of which are free, it might look like Microsoft's dominance in this sector could well be over.

Lets get to the point. Windows 8 is primarily designed to run on tablet devices and has been designed to compete with Apple's iPad and Google's range of Android devices. Microsoft, a late entrant into the tablet market, seems to have put this first rather than the faithful desktop users on which they built their reputation.

As a Computer Repair Business based in Warwickshire UK we think that in releasing Windows 8 so quickly after Windows 7, Microsoft are rushing into the tablet market and forgetting their desktop users. They have tried to shoehorn tablet users and desktop users together. Whether this is a good move for Microsoft is yet to be seen.

The first thing to notice is the new user touch style interface, We cannot quite see the point in having this new interface if you do not have a touch screen. Most people probably will not have a touch screen and will either be forced to upgrade their hardware in order to see the full benefits of Windows 8.

This begs the question Why did Microsoft not create a version for touchscreens and a version for traditional desktop users. Most corporate customers are probably not going to go to the expense of giving all their users touch screens, so soon after upgrading to Windows 7.

The boxes, sorry "tiles" on the front screen are great for touchscreen users but pretty meaningless if you use a conventional mouse. The main thing to remember is that the Windows key will always return you to this screen, while the desktop tile will take you to the familiar desktop.


When Windows 8 is first installed you are forced to login using an email address although you can revert back to a local user account afterwards. Why this would be is anyone's guess and seems pretty pointless.

It also appears that you cannot import a user account form your old machine. You are forced to create a new one from scratch.

Some people are saying that the new interface is designed for non computer literate people. If you have been using Windows for years this might come as a bit of a shock to your system.

Once again Microsoft have hidden things like the control panel and the shutdown options. Touching or clicking the far right corner of the screen brings up a "settings" menu from where you then have to click "Power" and then "Shutdown". Alternatively you could use "ALT + F4" or the "Windows button + I"

It's far too early to say how successful Windows 8 will be except to say that it might not run on some older processors


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