Computer Solutions Does Gaming !

The Computer Solutions team recently built a full on Gaming System. We know how all you people love to game. The system is on display here in the shop and was built by SteveĀ  Major. Featuring the following :

  • MSI Titanium Motherboard
  • I7 Processor 6700K
  • 1080 Founders Edition Water Cooled Graphics Card
  • Hard Line Fluid Cooling
  • 24Gb, Corsair Vengeance RAM
  • M.2 Boot Drive
  • Dual 1.0Tb WD Red Hard Drives
  • 2 X Radiators
  • 6 X Vardar Fans
  • Super Flower 750 Watt PSU

Come and have a look at this amazing system if you are passing. We’re currently running a number of benchmarks on it and have had in excess of 100+ FPS