Computer Solutions Providing Computer Repair, Sales & Services In Leamington Spa

From December the 20th 2013 Computer Solutions of Kenilworth will be the ONLY people with a drop off workshop and mobile service capable of providing service in Leamington Spa.

After more than 25 years GSS Systems of Park St. will no longer be trading and their workshops will close.

The company owned by Mr Mike Smith and Mr Peter Deverill has been sold to Maple I.T in Coventry. A condition of the sale is that the Leamington shop will cease trading and cannot be operated as a computer shop.

With the owner of Spa Computers on Clarendon St, Leamington Spa also set to retire shortly, and the recent demise of Jade Computers in Warwick, this means that Computer Solutions of Kenilworth, also known as Kenilworth Computer Repairs, are the only people left servicing the majority of Leamington Spa.

Over the years we have had a good relationship with both companies often providing much needed cover in the GSS Workshop. We are in the process of purchasing much of their test equipment and hope to be able to offer the same service to the people of Leamington Spa.

Computer Solutions would like to take this opportunity to wish all at GSS-Maple in Coventry well for the future.

Computer Solutions can offer a comprehensive repair service to desktops and laptops as well as new PC Systems and Networks in Leamington Spa

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