New in at Computer Solutions from Terra Computers

Two new brand new machines just in from the German company Terra Computers. First we have the Terra Pad 1061, ideal if you are on the move and want the best in portable computing.

With a weight of only 600 grams, it features the intel Atom Z3735 processor running at an impressive 1.33 – 1.83 Ghz. It has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and can run for up to 9 hours on one battery charge.

2Gb of RAM 64Gb of storage are complimented with the Windows 10 32 bit Operating System, together with Intel HD Graphics and an integrated camera.

Available for pre-order now. Reserve yours today.

Next we have the Terra 1514 Laptop, a thin and yet very light Laptop Computer. This machine features a 128Gb SSD (Solid State Drive), for quick starting, a 15.6″ Full HD AHVA non-glare display, 4Gb RAM and Intel HD Graphics.

It has Wireless LAN & Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity together with USB 3.0, HDMI, 2 USB 2.0 ports, card reader and headset connectivity.

Featuring the Core I3-6006U processor, it requires only 45 Watts at 19 Volts. Pop in for a demonstration today.

Available for pre-order now. Reserve yours today.

Computer Solutions Does Gaming !

The Computer Solutions team recently built a full on Gaming System. We know how all you people love to game. The system is on display here in the shop and was built by Steve  Major. Featuring the following :

  • MSI Titanium Motherboard
  • I7 Processor 6700K
  • 1080 Founders Edition Water Cooled Graphics Card
  • Hard Line Fluid Cooling
  • 24Gb, Corsair Vengeance RAM
  • M.2 Boot Drive
  • Dual 1.0Tb WD Red Hard Drives
  • 2 X Radiators
  • 6 X Vardar Fans
  • Super Flower 750 Watt PSU

Come and have a look at this amazing system if you are passing. We’re currently running a number of benchmarks on it and have had in excess of 100+ FPS






Computer Solutions Providing Computer Repair, Sales & Services In Leamington Spa

From December the 20th 2013 Computer Solutions of Kenilworth will be the ONLY people with a drop off workshop and mobile service capable of providing service in Leamington Spa.

After more than 25 years GSS Systems of Park St. will no longer be trading and their workshops will close.

The company owned by Mr Mike Smith and Mr Peter Deverill has been sold to Maple I.T in Coventry. A condition of the sale is that the Leamington shop will cease trading and cannot be operated as a computer shop.

With the owner of Spa Computers on Clarendon St, Leamington Spa also set to retire shortly, and the recent demise of Jade Computers in Warwick, this means that Computer Solutions of Kenilworth, also known as Kenilworth Computer Repairs, are the only people left servicing the majority of Leamington Spa.

Over the years we have had a good relationship with both companies often providing much needed cover in the GSS Workshop. We are in the process of purchasing much of their test equipment and hope to be able to offer the same service to the people of Leamington Spa.

Computer Solutions would like to take this opportunity to wish all at GSS-Maple in Coventry well for the future.

Computer Solutions can offer a comprehensive repair service to desktops and laptops as well as new PC Systems and Networks in Leamington Spa

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Latest Summer PC Dual Core & Quad Core System Pricing From Kenilworth Computer Repairs

Computer Solutions of Kenilworth have just introduced some great new Summer sizzling PC System offers. All systems come with a 12 month RTB (Return to base) warranty and all monitors are covered by a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

FREE delivery in Warwickshire is available on all PC Systems, and for a small additional cost we’ll even arrange to transfer your exisitng documents, photos and programs. There are also several PC System options available. Call now for further details.

XP Support ends on April 8th 2014 Computer. Advice From Kenilworth Computer Repairs


Computer Solutions would like to point out to everyone who is not already aware that ALL support from the popular Microsoft Windows XP Operating System is due to end on April 8th 2014.


In practical terms this means that there will be no more Windows Updates or patches for the Windows XP Operating System.

Despite Windows XP being popular for in excess of 10 years, Microsoft have decided that it is time to move on with Windows 8, although ‘System Builders’ and authorised refurbishers will still be able to provide Windows 7 as an alternative for some time yet.

Windows 8.1, codenamed “Windows Blue” represents a major upgrade to the latest incarnation of Operating Systems from Mircosoft, was due out in June 2013 but little of this has been heard of since this was announced. It is believed that some features that were removed in Windows 8 have been returned, although this has not been fully confirmed at the time of writing.

Furthermore this Upgrade will ONLY be avaiable as a PAID UPGRADE from the Microsoft Store, for which you must have a Microsoft account in order to use. It will not be available via Windows Update at all. Some users are quite rightly disgruntled by this move from Microsoft.

Is it really fair to try and charge a customer twice for an Operating System, which had features that were there in previous version, but were removed in new version, only to be returned by way of an upgrade? We don’t think it is fair somehow.

The Windows 7 Operating System is NOT currently available from the big name stores at all, as they rush to promote Windows 8. Support for Windows Server 2003 will also end at the same time that support is withdrawn for Windows XP.

This means that like it or not you are going to have to purchase a new computer or laptop, either pre-installed with Windows 8 or a new operating system for your existing equipment.

Alternatively you could opt to install Ubuntu Linux, a totally free Operating System, with broadly the same features and built in applications as Windows, with a host of many more.


This is important change because several large software manufacturers, for example Sage, the worldwide accounting software group have already announced that from 2015 their products will no longer work on a machine which has Windows XP installed. In fact their products will not even install on an XP machine.

It also means thatt many well known Antivirus Companies will not be supporting Windows XP anymore either. It is highly likely that many of them will take a similar line to that of Sage, and future products probably will not even install on an XP based machine.

Those of you still insisitng that on using XP after 2014 might suddenly find that you are left unprotected against potential threats because new versions of your Antivirus Software might not work or even install at all.


First of all, if you have not already done so, give Computer Solutions in Kenilworth a call and they can arrange to supply and install a brand new, state of the art computer system for you. They will also transfer your email, pictures, programs and music. They will also arrange to safely dispose of your old system.