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Forensic Level Data Recovery Services

Professional / Forensic Level Data Recovery Service from Computer Solutions

What we can help with:

  • Clicking or possibly damaged Hard Drives
  • Drive not showing up in Windows
  • Slow Drives
  • SSD’s
  • Portable USB Drives e.g (WD Passport)
  • We can cater for most drives 2.5, 3.5, IDE, SSD & M.2
  • Catering for both P.C and Mac
  • Aimed at both the small business and the home user

Most so called data recovery software will never recover your data, and this is because of the way Windows functions:

If Windows finds a bad sector within a block on a drive, it will simply continue to try and keep remounting the file system on the drive, eventually causing Windows to hang or crash.

We use hardware NOT software to recover your data!

We do this as it is more successful, ensuring that Windows does not crash when you plug in your suspect drive.

Computer Solutions use only the best hardware in the business, from the World’s leading Data Recovery Company RapidSpar, a division of DeepSpar.

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