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Upgrade or Renew

Experiencing a SLOW MACHINE? 

Why not upgrade or refresh your current computer OR we can source you a brand new one?

Laptop Computers are smaller, more convenient and more portable than your average desktop computer. However, upgrading a laptop is usually more limited than a desktop computer.

Most laptops will allow memory or hard disk upgrades. However, that’s really where it ends in terms of “user upgrades” for laptop owners. Some of the more recent, high-end laptops are starting to offer video card or video accelerator upgrades as well as processor upgrades. Again though this does depend on the manufacturer and model. These features will be reflected in the cost of the machine. Some higher-end laptops are now also being supplied with touch screen technology

Computer Solutions of Kenilworth would advise you to weigh up the cost against the improvement beforehand. Laptop upgrades are generally going to be more expensive than the desktop equivalent.

With desktops, just about everything can be upgraded and these days the parts to do so are almost always less expensive. This means that your computer system can remain “up to date” for much longer and therefore can in some cases be a far more cost-effective option.

If the physical size is the problem or space limited then there are “small footprint” or “slim” desktop PC’s available from a few manufacturers. We can provide smaller computer cases where necessary.

There is usually a larger range of motherboards and processors available. Over the years Computer Solutions have carried out many such computer refurbishments and this can represent a useful saving over buying a completely new PC.

Computer Solutions often get second-user laptops in so it is worth giving us a call!

We provide desktop and laptop upgrade services for all makes of laptops, Apple Macs, Compaq, Sony, IBM, Dell, Acer, Asus and HP.

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Upgrading and renewal of hardware and software