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iPad and Tablet Repairs

iPhone, iPad or Tablet Repairs
in Leamington Spa

Basd in Leamington Spa, at Computer Solutions, we can fix your expensive touch screen phone or tablet, whether it’s a Samsung tablet or Apple iPad.   

  • Smashed or cracked your tablet screen?
  • Battery not charging on the phone?
  • Buttons not working properly?
  • Squashed, bent or sat on tablets (believe us this happens!)
  • iPhones not working or switching on?

    ...and much, much more…

iPad repairs

Let Computer Solutions look at fixing these for you - you will not be disappointed.

These can range from:

  • iPad battery replacements
  • iPad screen swaps or replacements
  • 'Home' button repairs
  • Headphone jack repairs
  • Volume button replacement or repairs
  • iPad camera repairs
  • Front camera repairs
  • Charging port repairs

"John and the team at Computer Solutions really helped us my son sat on his iPad and it was actually damaged so much it bent! 

When John and the team returned it it was working and we could hardly tell the difference with a new one." 

Mrs J Sanders

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